Stanley's journey from paunchy to poochy.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Week 7!


Stanley's got reason to celebrate with the latest weigh in:

If you're having trouble seeing, that says 108.3 lbs! We've broken the 110 lb mark, which was our first goal on the way. Of course, we're also on the way to the next goal: 100 lbs.

Here's some more pics from week 7...I think Stanley is a bit of a born story teller, no? When he's not being silly, he looks like he's turning to share some sage bit of advice about how to tell which carrots are the best for noshing ;)


  1. omg he's got so much head! wowser!

    so, are those carrots workin' for his eyes?

  2. That's great news! You are doing such an awesome job. :D

    What's the final target weight?

  3. hrm..blogger ate my reply! we're hoping for somewhere in the mid-low 60s now (ideally, he should be closer to mid-low 50s, but we'll see; he is an old man!). right now we're just keeping our eyes on the little goals :)

  4. Stanley, if you can go on a diet and lose weight I guess I'll just have to stick to mine☺ It's so nice to meet you!