Stanley's journey from paunchy to poochy.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

PSNEA Rescue 2008

Stanley was invited to this year's PSNEA rescue parade, but we weren't able to make it out to Enumclaw. This is last year's parade from 2008 - yay for all the folks who've brought elkhounds into their homes as rescues!


  1. I love parades like that. When I had my golden, Murray, we would attend the local rescue groups big parade and event every year. He was quite the hit with his little stubby legs. Haha.

  2. PS: We featured you on today's blog!

  3. Found you through Melvin's blog... kudos to you for adopting Stanley and working so hard to help him be healthy again! This big guy got SO lucky! You guys are awesome :)

    How is his diet going?
    I helped one of my cats lose weight by feeding her partly raw... thought maybe you would be interested by the option :

  4. Hi! I saw you over at Melvin's blog and wanted to say hi. You've got some great beans (human "beans") there Stanley to be taking such good care of you even if that means you have to be on an evil diet.

    Sorry you missed the parade this year Stanley, but I'm sure next year you'll be leading the pack!

    I hope you enjoy your cool bed. We've been sending "cool" thoughts to your area this year. I can't believe how hot it has been!

  5. Thanks for the kinds thoughts everyone! things are going great (as you can see from today's belated update!). It's been so awesome watching Stanley become healthier and more playful. The change in the last 3 weeks especially has just been amazing!