Stanley's journey from paunchy to poochy.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The beach!

Resting in a sandy patch by Elliott Bay

Recently, we had a break in the hot weather and decided that we'd take Stanley for an outing at the beach. We packed him up in the Taurus and headed down to Golden Gardens.

In WA, dogs aren't allowed on the beaches, but there's plenty of walking paths that are dog friendly by the water.


Checking out the view from the pier...

Hrm....maybe this water stuff's not so bad....

This dog has one HUGE tongue!

This might seem a little silly to highlight a simple walk at the beach, but just 8 weeks ago, we wouldn't have even been able to consider it. Just walking Stanley from the parking lot to the path would have been it. He's come a long way!!

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  1. Stanley, we want woo to know that we are in your corner all the way!