Stanley's journey from paunchy to poochy.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Week 5 - Weigh-in!

Stanley is going gang-busters on his weight loss program! This week's weigh-in got us to our first milestone: 110lbs!!

photographic evidence!

neck: 22" (-.5)
chest: 39" (-.5)
waist: 35.5 (-2)!!

His waist is getting tinier and tinier, which is great. But carrying so much weight around his chest/shoulders makes things like stairs more difficult. We got some video of his last chance workout that we'll have up soon.

Stanley is starting to look forward to his weigh-ins -- everyone at the vet is cheering for him and he gets to walk around a different neighborhood. Look at how excited he is to go:


  1. Congrats Stanley! My fat dog has lost a total of half a pound, but my husband thinks it's just water weight. She really seems to love her new diet food though so at least that's working out well for us.

  2. Stanley, I am glad to see that you picked an outstanding human for your forever home. It looks like you two work well together and you look so much happier outside of Homeward. It was a pleasure walking/spending time with you and I wish you the best!

    Friday night volunteer