Stanley's journey from paunchy to poochy.

Friday, July 24, 2009

staying cool

Stanley is having a tough time staying cool with his made-for-Norway-winters coat and our Los Angeles-like summer. It's been crazy hot in the Northwest and we're looking at 90 this weekend!

Stanley with his "previously frozen" pillow case

We're freezing pillow cases while we anxiously await the arrival of his cool bed. I've been looking for some of those cool bandanas too, but haven't had good luck around here. (it's not usually so hot!) Any other good suggestions for a water-phobic dog?


  1. Ok...this might sound a little nuts, but it's actually what I do for myself, because I don't have A/C. Buy some large, cheap T-shirts at Target, cut the neck if necessary to fit over Stanley's head, and the sleeves if you need to. Put the T-shirts in the washer, go straight to the rinse cycle, rinse and then spin. Then, take one T-shirt out at a time, the others will stay "wet" until you need them. Put the shirt on Stanley, hopefully he will agree to that. Then place a fan blowing right on him. I can guarantee that the combo of the wet shirt, and the fan blowing on him, will make him feel cool. Works great for "too hot" two legged folks as well! Lynne

  2. Thanks for the tip Lynne! It's something we haven't tried, and I think he'd be waayyyy more tolerant of a wet t-shirt than the hose ;)

  3. The rice-sock trick works well. Take an old sock, fill it with uncooked rice, tie it off and stick it in the freezer. You then can pull it out and it makes a great, long lasting cool pack.

    Of course, you might want to watch to make sure he doesn't think it's a popsicle treat!

    As a side note, the reverse works too - we've microwaved it and wrapped it around a frozen pipe (remember last winter :) ). The uncooked rice has amazing thermal properties.

    PS - I'm a volunteer at Homeward and worked with Stanley while he was there. I'm soooooo glad he found you two - you guys are the perfect family for him.