Stanley's journey from paunchy to poochy.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Stanley's Shrinking

Last week we didn't have a Stanley weigh-in, but I did re-do his measurements:

Neck: 28" (-2)
Chest: 42" (-1)
Waist: 38" (-2)

Moving in the right direction!

Unfortunately, his walks are starting to slow down. We were going all the way around the block pretty regularly last week, but the last 3 days we've hardly made it to the corner before he sat down and quit....we'll be talking with the vet about this soon. I'm not sure if something's wrong and he's hurting or he's just stubborn and doesn't like to be out of breath! (but I'm definitely leaning towards the latter...)

We'll be doing an official weigh in tomorrow!


  1. It has been really hot. Maybe he's like me and prefers 50 and overcast to do his exercising.

  2. My vet told me to be very careful walking senior/overweight dogs when it's hot. Just a couple of weeks ago we took the dogs for a walk on a cool overcast day, but they still looked more tired than usual. Back to mornings and evenings.

  3. usually we try and go about 7am and 8 or 8:30 pm...but is he is definitely hotter than the regular dog. we're looking at one of those sexy cooling bandanas ;)