Stanley's journey from paunchy to poochy.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thiiiisssss close!

We had another weigh in today. Still not officially into the double digits, but inching closer! I think winter is going to be tougher for weight loss, and I knew we wouldn't keep things up at the rate they were going, but it's so hard to be soooo close to the 90's!!!!


Rainy day on the way to the weigh in!


  1. Stanley...I'm rooting for you boy...just don't let anybody talk you in to a last chance workout with Bob and Jillian!

  2. Almost there!! Keep plugging Stanley!

    Also- I'm going to be mailing out a bunch of homemade doggy biscuits to some of my blogging friends (and four legged friends) in a few weeks- so I'll be contacting you for your address. :)

    Stanley will have to ration his treats :P but I hope he likes them.