Stanley's journey from paunchy to poochy.

Monday, November 23, 2009

99 lbs! Double Digits!

Finally - the number we've been waiting for!!! Stanley has officially gone down to double digits on the scale!

We are super duper crazy excited! He's been playing more than ever lately and just the other day ran off with a ball of my yarn, which was hilarious. It's great to see him getting more playful and silly as we get to know each and he starts to feel better.

Stanley made sure to ignore the tasty mexican breakfast place on his last chance workout. I know quite a few humans who've been asking about his diet plan.....

Relaxing at home *after* we realized that his collar was too tight and needed to be taken in about an inch.

Simple things that I am sure Stanley is thankful for this year:
  1. Licking his back paw!
  2. Holding his head up high!
  3. Hustling (I wouldn't call it running yet...)
  4. Choosing how fast/slow to go up and down the stairs!
  5. Fitting into his fetching purple harness!
  6. Making sure that no one gets by him without paying the "pet me" tax :)
  7. And of course, all of the support he gets from the blog! He doesn't read so well, but I make sure to pass along all the good thoughts and encouragement.


  1. Woot! Stanley! You handsome dog! Your had has finally emerged from your neck.

    LOVE your posts. :0)

  2. I know Stanley is thankful for having such good humans taking care of him. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

  3. Lookin' good, Stanley! It's like your legs are getting longer!

  4. yay Stanley!!!!

    xo, Merlin

  5. Fetching, indeed. Can't wait to meet Stanley when I move to Seattle! Merlin's Mom

  6. Way to go Stanley!!! You and your family should take this on the road to help other obese pets.

  7. I read about Stanley on Homeward Pets & dropped by to tell you how wonderful you are.

  8. He looks amazing! Yay, Stanley!

  9. Oh my god! Stanley, you are lookin' H-O-T!! Rarr.

  10. Stanley, you are doing great! Kudos to your mom and dad for being there to help you so you have a longer, healthy life!! Kisses!!

  11. Emma an Elkhound too, thinks you are cute Stanley!

    She does the 'pat me' tax (NZ version of 'pet me') outside the Cafes we visit. She has a fairly good hit rate but she is thinking if she could do a double act with you she could do better. So she's inviting you if you're ever in NZ to go out to wait outside cafes for pats together.

  12. ooh emma, that sounds awesome! i would love to help you garner some extra pats if i ever make it to NZ!!!