Stanley's journey from paunchy to poochy.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Baa baa white sheeps!

Since Stanley arrived at our house, we have been trying to get him to play. He hasn't shown much affinity until recently....

Everyone, Stanley would like you to meet Baa Baa.

Baa Baa makes a really obnoxious sound like a baby wailing, and Stanley will not abide anyone hurting the Baa Baa! Once squeak, and he comes running to save the baby from your evil clutches.

It's really quite amusing to see him go from no toys at all to being so possessive of just this one. You'll see his skineez in there and his kong and his bone...but baa baa is the only one that matters! (Unless that kong has some peanut butter in it!)


  1. How absolutely adorable that he is so PURRtective! Give him a kiss right on the lips from us!

    We is hopin' that you had just the bestest HOWL-o-weenie ever and ever with lots and lots of treats!

  2. Gah. So cute!

    Linus has a "baa baa" as well, although we call him "Sheepy."

    Baa baa is looking pretty clean. You sure he's been getting chewed?

  3. @Courtney - he's very delicate with it. It is to be protected, not destroyed!

  4. Ok, that is the cutest thing I've seen! I love reading your blog!