Stanley's journey from paunchy to poochy.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Weigh in!

SO - We had a weigh in this week and we've hit the next big milestone! Stanley is under 105 lbs...104.4 to be exact!

It's been pretty thrilling watching him start to look less like a baby seal and more like a dog :) He even occasionally leaps to his feet these days!

We're off to a week at the happiest place on earth, but we have plans for the blog and we'll be returning to more regular posting when we get back! Woot!


  1. Stanley seriously takes the most ridiculous photos! What a ham! I love the last pic!!!

  2. Yayyyyy Stanleyyyy! We're so proud of you! Keep shedding those pounds you ham!

  3. thanks melvin! that support sure helps when i'm looking for birthday cake and all mom pulls out of the fridge is another carrot....sheesh!

  4. Last pic is great, what a grin!

    Congrats on the milestone. 100 is right around the corner!

  5. I cried reading your story. As an "on-call" volunteer at Homeward, I see these animals often enough and SO happy you guys visited and adopted Stanley!